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Back Pain: Facts and Cost

Low back pain is a leading cause for medical care around the world. There are also many false narratives with the treatment course of back pain.The NHS (from the UK) posted this giving evidence based facts. Instead of re-writing and explaining each one, we think it is better to just share the info-graphic with you directly.

Cost Effectiveness of Conservative Care vs. Traditional Route

In terms of treatment approach to low back pain, Virginia Mason Medical did research on how different paths of recovery cost (seeing an MD first followed by specialist to imaging, etc. vs seeing a PT or chiropractor first). They found the traditional route of seeing an MD first was twice as expensive as conservative care. The good news, in Minnesota, you don't need a referral to come see us at iBackCheck!

Stay tuned on social media this week to find out more on how we treat low back pain with exercise!

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