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Holiday Gift Guide for the Fitness Enthusiast

Is your secret Santa partner a fitness or health and wellness enthusiast? Have they recently converted their garage into a home gym in 2020? Do they have health and wellness goals for this upcoming year? Here's 5 items that they would love and cherish this holiday season!

  1. WHOOP Band: Converts data from workouts, sleep, heart rate variability, etc. into fitness and recovery data that tells you when to push harder or recover more. A great tool for someone dedicated to their fitness and health.

  2. Rogue Fitness Nike Fleece Hoodie: durable and comfortable workout hoodie for the Minnesota winter!

  3. If you're stuck at home working out, the most functional piece of equipment that you can buy for the lowest cost would be a good kettlebell. Depending on your abilities and strength, we recommend getting 2-3 varieties of weights: 26#/35#/53#. This will give you a solid range of movements to choose from. Be wary of pricing around the holidays, do not pay more than $2 per pound. Rogue Fitness has a solid selection to choose from!

  4. Hand care kit for fitness athletes that do a lot of work with barbells, pullups, or Crossfit workouts. Bear Komplex has a lot of great products! We'd recommend a pair of grips for those doing a lot of pull ups or gymnastic work, their sports tape for active blisters or cuts, and their DocSpartan Hand Ointment for between gym session use.

  5. Simple, space saving, and effective. Purchasing a set of mini bands and a set of pull up assist bands can make your workout, rehab, and mobility exercise possibilities endless. The combination of these bands is a staple for any home gym.

We hope your fitness enthusiast loves these ideas! Happy holidays!

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