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  • Spinal & Extremity Mobilizations

  • Myofascial Release Therapy (MRT)

  • Cupping Therapy

  • Kinesiotaping, Dynamic Taping, Strapping

  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilizations

  • Mulligan Technique (Low Velocity) 

  • Headache/Migraine Treatment

  • Able to Order X-Ray/MRI If Needed

  • Great Network of Orthopedic Specialists if Needed to Refer

  • 20 Minute One-on-One Session

Pricing Options

Please inquire for pricing options regarding physical therapy and chiropractic services for insurance coverage. Pre-paid discounted packages available if insurance not billed. HSA and FSA accepted. 

(763) 400.7438

Fax: 866.881.6769

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