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Personal Injury

Accidents happen. Chronic pain from untreated injuries should not.

What is a "Personal Injury"?

This is a legal term used for any injury that occurs to the person instead of property such as an auto accident.


What should you do right after you have experienced a Personal Injury?

1. See one of our providers immediately to identify and evaluate any new injuries you might or might not know about. (More than 50% of concussions are missed in emergency rooms!)


2. Next talk to your insurance company, and lawyer if necessary, with

the full information gathered from our evaluation.


This allows you to tackle the pain early on and receive the benefits you need from a personal injury case.


Steps to Recovery with iBackCheck

Our experienced providers have assisted in many personal injury cases.


1. We help you through the entire insurance process.


2. Minnesota is a "No Fault" car insurance state, which

means your own car insurance pays for certain losses

after an accident, no matter who caused the crash.

Your auto insurance rates do not increase as a result

of medical care after an accident.


3. Our team of chiropractors, physical

therapists, and massage therapists will design a comprehensive plan of

care to address any and all injuries obtained. We will

work with your medical provider, or if necessary, we

also have a vast network of other medical doctors and

imaging centers to refer to.


4. We will work with your attorney, or if necessary, we

can direct you to a team of attorneys we work closely

with. There is no up front cost to speaking with an


Don't Wait! Schedule a consultation today.

Common Symptoms of Auto Accidents

We understand the underlying cause of your symptoms after an auto accident and know how to relieve that tension.

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